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What is turbo dynamic balance?

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Turbocharging uses the organic waste gas discharged during the entire operation of the diesel engine to drive the operation of the turbocharger motor rotor. According to the basic principle of "inhale and compress", it does not consume the driving force of the diesel engine. Inside the turbocharger, the gas pressure must be higher than the atmospheric pressure, and the speed ratio of the turbocharger motor rotor in the turbocharger is very high, and the increased pressure difference is also much higher than that of the mechanical booster. Moreover, because turbocharging is suitable for the core concept of environmental protection and low energy consumption, turbochargers are used in the professional market.

turbo balancing machine

With the continuous development of on-board turbocharging technology, the current working speed of the turbocharger rotor assembly can reach 60000r/min to 240,000r/min. 

The supercharger rotor is the core component of the supercharger. In high-speed rotation, the unbalance of the rotor will cause greater vibration and noise, which will directly cause the wear of the floating bearing, thrust bearing and even the sealing parts, thereby reducing the supercharger The service life of the vehicle also laid hidden dangers for safe driving. Jizhi turbocharger balancing machine can effectively improve the service life of the supercharger!

turbo balancing machine

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