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Our history

  • 2006
    Started to develop automatic balancing machine for motor rotors.
  • Jan. 2007
    The prototype of the two-station automatic balancing machine born.
  • Jul. 2008
    Four-station automatic balance correction machine with assembly line born.
  • Nov. 2009
    Five-station automatic balance correction machine with automatic assembly line born.
  • Jun. 2010
    Automatic balancing correction machine for induction motors born.
  • Oct. 2011
    Automatic balancing correction machine for automobile generators born.
  • Aug. 2012
    Five-station Ⅰ type automatic balancing machine born.
  • Feb. 2013
    Five-station P-type automatic balancing machine born.
  • Jun. 2013
    Vertical automatic balancing correction machine born.
  • Aug. 2014
    Developed two-station Smart automatic balancing correction machine model
  • Nov. 2014
    Automatic balancing machine for clutch assembly born.
  • May 2015
    Turbocharger balancing tester.
  • Jul. 2015
    Two-station brake disc balancing machine born.
  • Sept. 2015
    Developed automatic balancing machine for clutch pressure riveting
  • October 2015
    Automatic welding balance machine born
  • 2016
    Developed a turbocharger balance tester
  • 2016
    Five-station outer rotor vertical balancing machine born
  • Oct. 2016
    Successfully landed on the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange
  • Jun. 2017
    Our company moved to a new site to No. 1, Qixian Road, Liangzhu Street, Yuhang District
  • Nov. 2017
    Awarded as an excellent equipment manufacturer in China's new energy automotive industry
  • Jan. 2018
    Was rated as a provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center
  • Sept. 2018
    Five-station economical Ⅰtype machine born
  • Oct. 2018
    Automatic wheel balancing test machine born
  • Nov. 2018
    Recognized as a provincial enterprise research institute
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