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Worldwide Cooperative partner distribution

Worldwide Cooperative partner distribution

Choose Us and You Will Get :
Technical service

Technical service:

Arrange technical personnel to explain the professional knowledge of the product and the technical knowledge of product repair and maintenance, transportation and storage. Professional technical personnel can also provide on-site guidance. Arrange regular visits by technicians or phone calls to provide timely technical services when the dealers seek help.
Targeted return visits and technical support are carried out according to different regions and customer groups faced by dealers.

Regional protection

Regional protection:

If customers belonging to this area and directly find Jizhi, Jizhi will transfer the corresponding customer to the distributor in the local area, and the local distributor will directly contact the customer.

Our guarantee: The repaired parts have the same quality standards as the new parts, which can reduce budget pressure and make the machine return to working condition faster.

Public Relations

Public Relations:

A long-term incentive policy for dealers that complies with local laws and policies can be formulated. Each dealer has a specialist to provide corresponding support to the dealer.

Sales skill training

Sales skill training:

The enterprise conducts knowledge training on product knowledge, sales skills, etc. for the sales and management personnel of the distributors to improve the sales ability of the distributors.

Training and service

Training and service:

Compare with the sales in China, the exported machines usually be given more spare parts. If customer require to training in China, we will offer free training. We also provide sample trial cut service and report.



If dealership want to promote in oversea market, we could provide gift & catalogue to support the promotion. If any of important exhibition we can go together. In the early stage, we will also work with distributors to formulate a price policy that is in line with the local market.

Dealer successful case


KoreaJizhi’s service leave me the deep impression. His quick after-sales feedback, and stable quality. It bring our agents a lot profit. We are very appreciate our cooperation.


Brazil Jizhi’s agent policy is very attractive, if they have our region’s customer, they will allocate for us. It not only protect our profit, but also give us the confident.


IranSince the cooperation with Jizhi, Jizhi can not only provide our remote video support but also the spare parts service. Thank you for Jizhi’s support.

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