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Electrical Vehicle Motor Balancing Machine

Release date:2021-01-27 Source:JIZHI Pageviews:-

With the joint efforts of the company’s team, Shanghai Hengwang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jizhi Mechatronic Co., Ltd., signed a new energy vehicle fully automatic balancing machine procurement contract with a Zhejiang customer. The new energy vehicle fully automatic balancing machine ordered by the company is a subsidiary Shanghai Hengwangquan's independent research and development and production equipment; recently the new energy vehicle fully automatic balancing machine customization project has been successfully completed.

Two sation electrical vehicle balancing machine

This two station electrical motor balancing machine is a mechatronics device used to measure the dynamic balance of the rotor of a new energy motor. It uses PLC as the main control machine to complete test correction related calculations and rotor phase control. Using PLC system control, the setting of rotor parameters, the input of rotor types, the processing of unbalanced data, the replacement of tools and fixtures of the measuring unit, and automatic drilling can be easily completed. It also has the function of data recording.

Electric Vehicle Balancing machine

This two station electrical vehicle motor balancing machine features:

1. For rotors within the compatible range, according to the model signal transmitted by the previous project, automatic model change can be realized without changing the tooling.

2. The switching of rotors with different shaft diameters, different cutting radii, different diameters, different stack thicknesses, different support positions and different shaft lengths is fully automated, without manual adjustment of mechanical parts.

3. The measurement and the cutting station's handling actions are independent, which does not affect the feeding operation while cutting, speeding up the beat.

4. The system integrates the standard rotor production function, and users can make standard rotors by themselves.

5. Equipped with the function of switching iron suction channels, making full use of the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

6. Equipped with electric tool setting function, users can realize one-key automatic tool setting.

7. The cutting motor is a servo motor, and the cutting speed can be set for different materials.

8. The calibration function is open to users, and the calibration result is automatically determined by the system ("excellent", "good", "poor").

9. The software opens a large number of parameters, and the debugging of new varieties can be completed by the user without additional cost.

10. Support MAS system, dynamic balance can communicate with production line PLC to achieve data interaction and action connection. Communication protocol is based on TCP/IP

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