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High Precision Hard Bearing Universal Balancing Machine

Release date:2021-09-10 Source:JIZHI Pageviews:-

Jizhi high precision hard bearing universal balancing machine is especially suitable to balance the rotors of small & medium motor, turbocharger, auto air-conditioner and fan, as well as the spindle in small tooling machine.

This dynamic balancing equipment uses PLC as the main control machine and KEYENCE 10-inch color touch screen as the man-machine communication interface. It adopts a single system to control, set the rotor parameters, call the entered rotor parameters, and process the imbalance data quickly and stably. , It also has the function of data recording. 

universal balancing machine

H2BK type dynamic balance tester, the smallest unbalance degree can reach 0.1 gmm/kg (0.05 um on one side)

universal balancing machine

Machine Specification