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Why a dynamic balancing machine is necessary for rotatory parts?

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Dynamic balancing is a process of rotor testing and calibrating, so as to meet the requirements of use. When parts are rotating, such as various motor rotors, transmission shafts, spindles, fans, water pump impellers, fans, motors and steam turbines. Rotors, etc., are collectively referred to as rotary components. When the machine is running in balance, it will work as it should do and and in the most efficient way.  



However, due to various factors such as uneven material or blank defects, errors in processing and assembly, and even asymmetric geometry during design, when the rotary components rotate, the centrifugal inertial force generated by the tiny particles cannot cancel each other out. The centrifugal inertial force acts on the machine and its foundation through the bearing, causing vibration, noise, accelerated bearing wear, shortened mechanical life, and can cause destructive accidents in severe cases. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out dynamic balance correction to the rotor to make it reach the allowable balance accuracy level, or to reduce the amplitude of the mechanical vibration generated thereby within the allowable range.



The unbalance of the rotor is caused by the misalignment of the central main inertia axis and the rotation axis, and the balance correction is to change the mass distribution of the rotor so that the central main inertia axis coincides with the rotation axis to achieve balance.



Therefore, dynamic balancing machine is essential for quality control in industrial manufacturing. It ensures everything is working as it should be, so as to minimize the vibration and reduce the noise, as well as to the life of a machine.


JIZHI Mechatronic Company provides practical solutions for industrial manufacturing of all kinds of rotatory components through testing and balancing. As a leading manufacturer of both dynamic balancing machine and static balancing machine in China, JIZHI are ready for your questions and requirements.

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