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How a rotor balance is done?

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  Balancing is the process of attempting to improve the mass distribution of a rotor, so that it rotates in its bearings without uncompensated centrifugal forces. This is usually done by adding compensating masses to the rotor at prescribed locations, or removing excessive masses from specified locations.

  JIZHI manufactures both static balancing machines and dynamic balancing machines for all industries, including mass measuring machine, automatic balancing machine. The test machine requires manual correction after the unbalance mass and location is measured and displayed on the touch screen. Either driven by belt or coupling, or joint drive, the vibration sensors receive the vibration data when the rotor is rotating, which will be used to calculate the unbalance mass and angle. It tested data would be displayed on touch screen, with which, the correction will be done in accordance with either manually or automatically by machine.



  In terms of automatic balancing machine, most electric motor rotors are usually balanced by cutting to removing weight from the location indicated by measuring station. The cutter type depends on the rotor condition or customers choice, including R cutter, V cutter, P cutter, and T cutter.

  Weight removing can also be realized by drilling, milling. These methods are usually applied to balance workpieces like flywheel, disc, impeller, pump, etc. Together with other ways like punching, adding weight by riveting, etc., are applied in accordance with the workpieces.


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  To learn more about JIZHI automatic balancing machine, contact our balancing expert now!

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