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  • Motor Rotor Balancing Machine with Drilling Correction

Motor Rotor Balancing Machine with Drilling Correction

1.Simple to use software with intuitive unbalance correction displays. 2.Ultra-high accuracy and repeatability. 3.Global supply and global support.

Product description

Motor rotor balancing machine with drilling correction is a mechatronics device used to measure the dynamic balance of the rotor of a new energy motor. It uses a PLC as the main control machine to complete test-related calculations and rotor phase control, and a touch screen as a man-machine communication interface for parameter setting and the operation of the machine, which makes the operation very simple.

Using a single system control, the setting of rotor parameters, the entry of rotor types, the processing of unbalanced data, and the replacement of tools and fixtures in the measuring unit can be easily completed. It also has the function of data recording.

Product features


The hardware filter circuit is used to reduce the interference of external vibration and other interference, and can achieve high-precision measurement.


As it uses PLC control and equipped with a fully functional software system, the relevant setting parameters, rotor type, etc. can be set and input at one time.


Since there is actually no rotor with zero unbalance, the correction method of this device adopts the unbalance electric zero adjustment method, so there is no need to specially make a standard rotor with zero unbalance.


It can be equipped with manual vertical and horizontal deduplication devices according to requirements.

Product display

electric Vehicle Universal Balancing machine

Sample Rotor
electric rotor
electric rotor
electric rotor
electric rotor
Technical Parameters
Motor Rotor Balancing Machine with Drilling Correction
Item Technical Specification
Min. achievable residual unbalance 0.1gmm/kg
Unbalance reduction rate ≥95%
Balancing Accuracy G2.5
Outer diameter of rotor support part φ8-φ120mm
Maximum rotor outer diameter φ500mm
Support distance 150-600mm
Max.Rotor weight 100kg
Measuring Speed 1650rpm
Power Supply Three Phase 380V±10%,50HZ
Drive Motor 0.75kW Three-phase asynchronous motor(Manufacturer:ABB)

Remark: Based on actual specifications (can be negotiated accroding to customer's requiement)

Configuration instructions

1. Configure CAB590/CAB690/HW210 electrical measurement system.

2. Configure HECA series electric control system.

3. Equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation system.

4. Manual/automatic positioning function can be added according to user needs.

5. According to user needs, the equipment can be anti-magnetic treatment.

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